MAwC believes in Self-Determination

Self-determination means controlling your own destiny. Self-determination is a combination of attitudes and abilities that lead people to set goals for themselves and take the initiative to reach those goals. It’s about being in charge, making your own choices, and taking control and responsibility for your life. The four basic principles of self-determination are:



The ability for individuals, with assistance from allies, to plan a life based on acquiring necessary supports in desirable ways, rather than purchasing a program. This includes the freedom to choose where and with whom one lives, who and how to connect in one’s community, the opportunity to contribute in one’s own way, and the development of a personal lifestyle.



The assurance and authority for a person to control a certain sum of dollars in order to

purchase supports, with the backing of their allies as needed.



The arranging of resources and personnel, both formal and informal, to assist the person in developing a life dream, taking steps to reach that dream, and living his/her desired life in the community, rich in community associations and contributions.



The acceptance of a valued role by the person in the community through the employment, affiliations, spiritual development, and caring for others, as well as accountability for spending public dollars in ways that are life-enhancing.